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eXact® iDip® 570 Aquarium Refill Box

SKU 486217

This is a box of reagents for the eXact iDip 570 Fresh Water Aquarium kit. If you bought the kit and have used all reagents included in the kit, then buying this will replace your complete reagent set and save you some money compared to buying them separately.

Box includes 1 bottle each of:

- Total Alkalinity (100 tests).
- pH II (100 tests).
- HR Total Hardness (100 tests).
- Nitrate (50 tests).
- Ammonia (25 tests).
- Phosphate (50 tests).

Designed for Fresh Water ONLY

Detection range depends on each test. Check on the relevant eXact® meter page.

Suitable for the following eXact® photometers:

  • eXact® iDip 570

Made in USA