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SenSafe® John's Copper

SKU 480042

Check your Copper with Confidence using our SenSafe® John's Copper Check™. Featuring our patented Aperture Technology, make sure your Copper levels are where you want them to be. Contains 25 tests.

- Safe and non Hazardous
- Low detection levels
- No interference from Iron.

This water quality test promises to be an attractive alternative to wet chemical copper tests for several reasons: There are no hazardous chemicals to mix (an MSDS is not required); Quick results are obtained in less than 1 minute; No identified interferences; And, best of all, the Copper water quality test strips are safe and easy to use for fast accurate results within the ranges of 0 to 2 ppm (mg/L), which permits the measurement of typical copper levels found in well, tap, and stream water. The test is very convenient to run: dip test strip into sample for 30 seconds with constant back and forth motion, remove, and match color after 2 minutes to quantify the Copper level in the sample. 

Range: 0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 1, 2 ppm

Made in USA