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WaterWorks™ Hydrogen Sulfide LR (Eco-Pack)

SKU 481167

The WaterWorks™ Hydrogen Sulfide Low Range has detection limits From 0 to 2 ppm (mg/L) with a low sensitivity of 0.3 ppm (mg/L).

With this test, the strip is inserted into the aqueous sample for 20 seconds with back and forth motion. After 20 seconds, the strip is removed and discarded. The remaining discolored sample is compared to the color chart specific for this water quality test.

Contains 30 individually wrapped tests in our new environmentally friendly Eco-Pack!

New ecological packaging! Save our planet by cutting down on plastic.

For best accuracy - use on a fresh drawn water sample!

Ideal for checking well water, especially if you live in a swampy area. Hydrogen Sulfide smells like rotten eggs and is very toxic to consume, especially over extended period of time. Make sure you are safe and don't drink water with Hydrogen Sulfide in it.

Range: 0, 0.3, 0.5, 1, 2 ppm

Made in USA