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Swimming pool test kit? Which one should I choose?

Swimming pool test kit? Which one should I choose?

Many swimming pools are opening up after being shut because of the pandemic, we figured to shed some light on our swimming pool test kits and explain in some detail which one will be the right one for you.

Pool Professional Kits. The ultimate experience.

If you own or service a public swimming pool such as a hotel or sports center, then you will need one of our photometers. They are NSF certified and use patented reagent delivery system that guarantees reliable results no matter what your setting or experience level is. All of our professional kits have a Bluetooth enabled eXact pH+ Multi meter inside which will give you pH, TDS, Temperature and more. Combine the results from both meters into our eXact iDip app and get LSI index automatically calculated - to make sure your pool water is well balanced.  What is LSI? Read more about it here.

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Pool Starter Kits. Same photometers, no calibration.

Our most popular line of kits - good for public swimming pools and service professionals, no calibration required, NSF certified and use the same patented reagent delivery technology. Instead of the eXact pH+ meter, you will do pH the same way as you will do other tests - with a reagent strip. Simple, reliable and affordable.

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Visual Tests. Perfect for home pools.

If you are just looking for a quality product for your home pool, any of our visual test kits will do. Pool Check 3in1 being the go-to product for most customers - with Free Chlorine, PH and Alkalinity. We use an indicator that will give you a true Free Chlorine reading (no intereference with Chloramines), so you can be sure of your sanitizer level. PH also uses an indicator that is easier to read in the swimming pool range than other strips on the market.

For a full range including Total Chlorine and Hardness -

choose our Pool Check 5 in 1

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Not found what you are looking for?

Dive into our full range of swimming pool testers where you will find Copper, Salt, Peroxide and other specialist products here.

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